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Reverse Romeo and Juliette

A short film created as an hommage to Black Mirror, telling the story of a relationship filled with ups and downs in a critique of modern dating.

Servir Les Algorithmes

A short film detailing the incredible potential of AI for healing depression, and the current use of the technology

Guide de la Quarantaine

A crazy little guide created at the beginning of the world wide pandemic.


In a future world governed by artificial intelligence, universal basic income is provided to those whose jobs have been automated. Kev is a professional dancer with a unique style who enjoys a higher quality of life by providing entertainment for the masses on social media. Struggling to bring in enough likes with his off-beat style, he is on the brink of losing his entertainer privileges. A device capable of unlocking his mind offers him a solution but further blurs the line between technology and reality.

Le Coursier

A web series pilot about a strange delivery business and an overwhelmed delivery guy.


A short film I shot as a part of a 3 day ski film contest. The film speaks about the fear of taking risks within the comfort of a cozy job. The film was rewarded with a 3rd position in the festival. 

Merci Montréal

An over the weekend plan to get together with friends and make a sarcastic video thanking Montreal for a ridiculous law turned into a big thing. The funny performances and sarcastic tone made the video turn Viral instantly. The video ended up reaching over 500 000 views across several different platforms and created lots of discussion surrounding an important issue at the time.

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