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Matt Stern-You're Magic

The challenge with this lovely video was to make a music video which had heart and warmth, very much in the image of the artist. At this point Matt didn't have a very large audience, his most popular video at the time only had about 1000 views. I made it my personal mission to help him reach a larger audience. Together with this music video, we were able to reach over 28 thousand views on the first day!


This music video is the result of an awesome collaboration where we were able to come up with something artistic and captivating. It tells the story of two african immigrants who lose touch of themselves and their culture. It was an amazing challenge to tell a complexe emotional story like this without any spoken word or even english language in the lyrics. The story could only be told through film language, dance and interpretation. As a result, although this isn't the most viewed music video I created with AfrotroniX, it is one of my favorite!

Poirier ft Red Fox-JUMP

My first music video with an all around awesome guy: Poirier! The basic idea the girls had with this music video was to center it around them in a classic style black hair salon getting ready to go out. As we worked together choreographing the scenes, I added in the light hearted story line that holds the clip together and which resulted in one of my funniest cameos yet as Sean. The music video which premiered on the renowned website "The Fader" went on to recieve several honors including a top 6 of the most stylish music videos of 2016!

Poirier - Pale Mal feat. Fwonte

After the success we had with JUMP, Poirier called me up with a new project, an awesome one. We spent a full week living and filming in Haiti, an experience I will never forget! Our journey brought us to Port au Prince, Jacmel and Cabic where I had the chance to discover and capture the amazing culture of Haiti. Shooting this music video brought me to the beaches of Cabic, some rough neighbourhoods of Port au Prince, Fwonte's, childhood home and the beautiful landscapes of a wonderful country. The video's goal is to bring you those same experiences.  

AfrotoniX-Petit Pays

This music video was created by teaming up with Marc-André Cossette, the interactive media magician. This is an example of a simple music video which needed to be done fast and well. In under 1 week of planning we managed to get a studio and film this one location clip with the help of projection. The clip made its way across the world and gathered over 300 000 views online plus who knows how many views on television mostly in france.  

AfrotoniX-Sinon le Pays Va Tomber

The artist had some great shots from Africa mixed in with some not so great shots but he wanted to save the music video so he came to me with this problem. The solution was simple: lets find a dark and wierd place to find some dark and wierd shots that go along with the vibe of the shots we like! I re edited the clip to include our shots and this music video came out, making an immediate hit!

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