Kino Montréal 2020

Kino is a filmmaking movement founded in Montreal in 1999 which now has more than 70 branches across the world. I was selected to direct this over the top trailer or their 21st year. Over 5 days of production, animals, stunts, kids, vfx, cold... You name it. We faced every production difficulty in the making of this project, at time thinking we might have bitten off more than we could chew, but we pulled it off!

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 5.13.47 PM.png

Les Soirées 100Lux

100 Lux dance festival has a reputation for hosting the highest quality street dance creations with an artistic flair. This is why it was important to them for the promotional video to be an artistic creation that stands alone rather than a formal presentation of the artists hosted during their event. Together we came up with a campaign that fully integrated the videos, photos and all promotional material within the same visual concept. A double exposure which makes the viewer shift his attention from the outside form to the inner details of the movement captured on screen. All within 100Lux's classic purple branding.

Merci Montréal

An over the weekend plan to get together with friends and make a sarcastic video thanking Montreal for a ridiculous law turned into a big thing. The funny performances and sarcastic tone made the video turn Viral instantly. The video ended up reaching over 500 000 views across several different platforms and created lots of discussion surrounding an important issue at the time.

100LUX 5 Year Promo

100LUX needed a promotional video to highlight the 5th year of their festival. The video plays around a lot with light to create interesting visuals, mystery and energy to accompany the dancers.

100LUX in studio series

A series of 15 videos with a simple and captivating formula to highlight the performers work.

Urban Chaos

We shot this video just before winter... maybe thats why these kids look so cool!

Petit Moment Avec Pat Tremblay

A nice little skateboard video we shot in a few hours at the skatepark. Pat Kills it!